The songs are ordered chronologically with the oldest first.

  1. She Wiggled (original)

    sdf: vocals.
    avj: guitar.
    tet: drums.

    Lyrics by Farver/Gerald/Hurd/Jeanguenat/Ruthenberg/Tomlinson.
    Music by Jeanguenat/Tomlinson.
    Performed by Cylinder One.
    Recorded circa August 1997 at Casa de Gerald.

    Note: This was the first thing any of us had attempted to record with multiple people. The idea came from a story about pwr’s then-girlfriend (and present wife) dissing him at his own birthday party. I have no idea who contributed what to the song lyrically, so all of us there can share the credit (blame?).

    It was transferred from a cassette tape on Oct. 13, 2006 and has minimal digital clipping because I am only human and had to ride the fader during the transfer. Two separate bandpass filters were applied to remove as much hiss as possible without mudding it up. Is anyone still reading this? Dorks. —avj

  2. 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 – The elusive “Techno Flav” compilation [explicit]

    pwr: computers, miscellaneous kickassery.
    jcb: guitar.

    Tracks 1, 2, 4, and 5 composed by Pete Ruthenberg.
    Track 3 written and performed by John Berger.
    Compilation created circa 2001 at Casa de Ruthenberg.

  3. Who Stole the Corn (early garage demo)

    jcb: vocals.
    avj: bass, push-button drum machine, ruffs.
    tet: guitar, ruffs.

    Lyrics by Berger/Tomlinson.
    Music by Berger/Jeanguenat/Tomlinson.
    Performed by Cylinder One.
    Recorded circa May 2001 at Casa de Tomlinson.

    Note: This was our first ever recording with Tom, using whatever we could find to make music. —avj

  4. Hash Pipe

    jcb: guitar, backing vocals.
    avj: vocals, guitar, bass, drums.

    Written by Rivers Cuomo.
    Performed by Cylinder One.
    Recorded Jan. 31, 2004 at Rose Sotano.
    Mastered on Feb. 8, 2004.

    Note: This is the superior version in my opinion, but John hates his backing vocals. Everything seems to blend very well. —avj

  5. Who Stole the Corn (Berger rough mix)

    jcb: vocals, guitar.
    avj: guitar, bass, drums.

    Lyrics by Berger/Tomlinson.
    Music by Berger/Jeanguenat.
    Performed by Cylinder One.
    Recorded Feb. 14, 2004 at Rose Sotano.

  6. I Hate That Bitch (demo 1)
    I Hate That Bitch (demo 2)
    Wednesday (demo)
    Who Stole The Corn? (demo)
    Black Math (instrumental)

    jcb: vocals.
    avj: guitar.

    Performed by Cylinder One.
    Recorded Sep. 30, 2006 at Rock Hills.