Missing Songs

The songs have been down for a while. I’ll be relocating them soon.

UPDATE: The songs all work again. Enjoy!

An Unearthed Classic

I was going through some old cassette recordings that date from about 1985-present, and among other gems, I found the first recording ever of “She Wiggled,” created sometime around August of 1997.

My memory of the recording is a little foggy, but I do remember a few things. We were all gathered in Mike’s basement—Pete, Farv, Tom, Hurd, Mike, and me—determined to commit this song to tape. I’m sure others were there, but they either didn’t speak during the duration of the recording or didn’t do anything memorable. I’m not entirely sure how it was even recorded, but I probably brought my old boom box with the mic input over and let Farv use my awesome Sony mic.

I have a bit more stuff from the session, but I’m still working on digitizing it. It’s nothing special—just a few outtakes and other noise—but I’m sure someone will enjoy it.

Check it out in the MUSIC section.

That’s all for now.

Saturday Session

jcb singing avj dorking out

John wanted to throw down a new song idea quickly, so I set things up in the living room while him and Matt were on their way over to go see Little Miss Sunshine. Each was done in one take for a grand total of about twenty minutes.

As always, John wanted to do more. This means we also ran through two other C1 classics.

BONUS! I found an instrumental guitars-only recording of Black Math we did at Pete’s, and it’s unedited and sloppy and wonderful.

It’s all in the MUSIC section.

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Short Hiatus

We’ve taken a break from the Friday practices to better prepare ourselves for more productive sessions. We’ll be getting together again sometime in late May, and we will be recording some things—some old, some new.

Twenty Minutes Of Post-Shower Creativity

I have created a fairly accurate piece of art that captures the magic of every Cylinder One session.

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Back In Action (Inaction?)

Well, it’s time we have a web presence again. It’s a work in progress for now.

Stay tuned.